Ephemerides and finding chart for event 2010032907:05_shadowegress

Position of Haumea (J2000):
13 44 37.60 +19 10 25.0

Rate of motion (arcseconds/hr, ra, dec):
-2.2 1.27

(motion on the sky in true arcseconds, not seconds of time, not multiplied by cos(dec); positive is west and north)

Illumination of moon (100%=full):

Distance from moon to Haumea (deg):

Separation of Hi'iaka from Haumea (arcsec):

Ephemeris information is for the center of the earth, which should be sufficient. For more detailed information or to calculate for your specific observatory see http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/horizons.cgi

Finding Chart

Finding chart is from POSS2 red plates. The image is 10 arcminutes on a side. The compass has arms 1 arcminute on a side. The circle at the center is 40 arcseconds in diameter and shows the position of Haumea at the precise time of the event. The ephemeris is known with high accuracy, so the position should be quite precise at this time