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Fan-Chi Lin

Assistant Professor
Geology and Geophysics
University of Utah

Ph.D., 2009, Geophysics
University of Colorado Boulder

Tel: (801) 581-4373
Email: FanChi.Lin at utah.edu

CV: Fan-Chi's CV
My research interests are mainly focused on seismic interferometry and seismic tomography. Seismic interferometry is a relatively new seismology method that extracts useful information from a diffusive wavefield that was traditionally considered as unusable noise, such as ambient noise or earthquake coda wavefields. Over the last few years, me and other researchers have shown that the signals extracted from seismic interferometry provide important new constraints to the earth structure from shallow to deep. The potential applications of such new information include studying 3D sedimentary basin structure, regional/continental crust and upper mantle structure, volcano magma bodies, and deeper mantle/inner core structure. As a member of University of Utah, I am also interested in modeling the 3D structure of the Salk Lake Valley and the geometry of the Wasatch fault system to better understand the seismic hazard in the area.

Student and postdoc opportunities available at University of Utah!

Fan-Chi Lin's Publications

(Works in preparation, submitted or in press)

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  • Lin, F.C., M.D. Kohler, and D.S. Weeraratne, March 11, 2011 Tohoku tsunami wavefront mapping across offshore southern California, submitted

    (Works published)


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  • Empirical and Numerical 8s Rayleigh wave group propagation in the western US(Movie)

  • CIDER workshop 2011 (ppt)