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Ge 121a: Advanced Field and Structural Geology, Fall 2011 class

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Images from our field area, Lava Hills, CA

Course Description - Fall 2011

The objective of the course is to improve competency in field mapping in volcanic terrain. Students will make a coherent map of original depositional and intrusive features, as well as subsequent tectonic deformation structures, in a volcanic and continental basin setting (lavas, tuffs, sandstones). The field area is in the Lava Mountains, California, in the easternmost part of the Eastern California Shear Zone.

Units: 12. Auditing not permitted.

Prerequisites: Ge11a and b, Ge106, and Ge120 (or equivalent prior field mapping class) are required. Ge112 is recommended. Ge110 is also useful and can be taken concurrently.

Course Grading

Letter Grades, based on field performance, final geological map, cross-sections, stratigraphic column, and a written report about the field area. Note that you have to attend all of the scheduled field trips in order to pass the course.

Regular Class Time

Monday 9-10 a.m. in 215 North Mudd.

Instructor - Fall 2011

Joann M. Stock, 356 South Mudd, jstock@gps.caltech.edu, x6938

Teaching Assistant - Fall 2011

Janet Harvey, 305 North Mudd jch [at] caltech.edu ,

Office Hours


Ombudsperson - fall 2011

Jeff Prancevic, jprancev[at]caltech.edu

GIS lab

309 North Mudd, x6107
Lisa Christiansen, lisac[at]gps.caltech.edu