Ge121a, Advanced Field and Structural Geology (12 units)

This is information for the Fall 2009 class.

Instructor: Joann Stock,, x6938, 356 South Mudd.

Teaching Assistant: Janet Harvey, North Mudd, x

Ombudsperson: TBA

Class meeting: The Organizational Meeting (OM) will be on Tuesday, Sept. 29, at 11:30 a.m. in 162 SM. We will pick a time for a weekly class meeting. During these meetings we will discuss background material about the field area and issues related to preparation for the field trips. We will also have an orientation to the GIS project to be used by the class (starting later in October, dates to be announced).

Course grading: Letter Grades, based on field performance, final geological map, cross-sections, and a written report about the field area. Note that you have to attend all of the scheduled field trips in order to pass the course.

Course Topics: Field documentation of original depositional and intrusive features, as well as subsequent tectonic deformation structures, in a volcanic and continental basin setting (lavas, tuffs, sandstones). The field area is in the Bristol Mountains, California, in the easternmost part of the Eastern California Shear Zone.

Course Prerequisites: All students should have taken Ge11ab (introductory physical geology) and Ge106 (structural geology) or their equivalents. All students should have taken Ge120 or an equivalent geology field camp. We also strongly recommend that students should have already taken Ge112 (Geomorphology and Stratigraphy). Normally undergraduates would take Ge112 and Ge106 in fall and spring of the junior year so that they would be eligible to take Ge121 classes during senior year. Graduate students should have the equivalent preparation from some other school. If you are unsure about your preparation please talk to the instructor. If you have already taken another Ge121 class, it is Ok for you to take this one, as long as you did not take it previously from the same instructor (Stock).

This class may have field trips on the same weekends as other GPS Division classes if those classes are a prerequisite for Ge121a. For example Ge11a and Ge121a might have field trips on the same weekends, because no student should be enrolled in them simultaneously. Please consider this when planning your course schedule.

Logistical information: We will map for a total of 9 days (three long weekends). We will be camping out in a remote area of the desert with no facilities. We will have class meetings (1 hr/week) to discuss the scientific objectives of the class. When the field work is finished, the students are responsible for writing up individual field reports and submitting their map and cross-sections for grading. We encourage use of the Caltech GIS lab facilities and software (e.g., ArcGIS products) for preparation of the maps. All of the students enrolled in Ge121a will be signed up as GIS lab members for fall quarter 2009.

 1. Thurs., Oct. 22 evening through Sunday, Oct. 25 evening.

 2. Thurs., Nov. 5 evening through Sunday, Nov. 8 evening.

 3. Thurs., Nov. 19 evening through Sunday, Nov. 22 evening.

Class meeting schedule:

GIS lab meeting schedule:
 GIS lab, 309 N Mudd (dates and topics TBA). Topics will include: orientation to GIS project. How to download GPS way points and add them to your project files using MapSource and DNR Garmin software. Adding strike/dip symbols and polygons to your project.


Suggested field equipment

Current reading list

Field philosophy of the class

GPS Division Alcohol Policy

Final Report - instructions will be posted here later

Style advice sheet for map and report

A map showing the choices of cross section lines will be posted here later in the term.

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