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Textbooks, Ge161, Winter 2020

You are not required to purchase these books. We will be using them for reading assignments. Most of them have e-book versions in the Caltech library, which eventually should be accessed by clicking on the links below. Hard copies are available on the class reserve shelf in the GPS geology library.

Main textbook: 

Schettino, Quantitative Plate Tectonics

Other useful books:

Fowler, The Solid Earth (2nd ed.), Cambridge University Press.

Blakey and Ranney, Ancient Landscapes of Western North America, Springer.

Cox and Hart, Plate Tectonics: How it Works, Blackwell Scientific Publications.

Global Tectonics, 3rd edition, by Kearey, Klepeis and Vine, Wiley-Blackwell Press

Don Anderson's book "New Theory of the Earth"

Moores and Twiss, Tectonics , Waveland Press, 2014.

Butler's online book Paleomagnetism.


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Last updated January 6, 2020.