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Ge 161: Plate Tectonics, Winter 2020 class

Last updated 1/07/2020 by Joann Stock

Course Description

The objective of the course is to learn about modern concepts of plate tectonics and apply them quantitatively to study problems. In the process we will use GMT software to make maps, and use the Linux operating system. We will use some web sites to search existing data bases or use existing publicly available software for obtaining parameters such as earthquake focal mechanisms and magnetic field vectors. Each student will write a final paper (useful practice for later on writing a research paper or research proposal).

Units: 9.

Prerequisites: Ge11ab or equivalent

Course Grading

The grade is based on weekly problem sets, class participation, the final paper, and a final class presentation.

Regular Class Time

Tuesday and Thursday, 10:30 to noon, 215 North Mudd.


Joann M. Stock, 356 South Mudd, jstock@gps.caltech.edu, x6938

Teaching Assistant

Celeste Labedz, clabedz [at] caltech.edu

Office Hours

Please email Celeste or Joann to arrange office hours.


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