Fall 2017

  • Ge 11d/102: Introduction to Geophysics
    An introduction to the geophysics of the solid earth; formation of planets; structure and composition of the earth; interactions between crust, mantle, and core; surface and internal dynamics; mantle convection; imaging of the interior; seismic tomography.

  • Ge 163: Geodynamics
    An introduction to geodynamics covering: Heat flow, gravity,  static & dynamic support of topography, viscous flow and post-glacial rebound, plate flexure, micro-physics of creep, mantle convection, mantle flow and the forces driving plate tectonics.

  • Ge 263: ┬áComputational Geophysics
    Introduction to finite difference, finite element and spectral element methods within the context of seismic wave propagation, thermal diffusion, viscous flow and thermal convection.