Computational Geodynamics

In the Seismological Laboratory we carry out a wide range of research in computational geodynamics under the direction of Michael Gurnis. Our goal is to provide a basis for the sound interpretation of geological and geophysical observations made on local, regional, and global scales. Ultimately, we hope to fully understand how plate tectonics works, how plate tectonics and deep mantle flow are related, how and why mantle convection evolves over long time periods, and how continental geology is related to mantle dynamics. A primary, but not exclusive, activity for researchers within this area is the development of sophisticated numerical models of tectonic processes which are then related to geological and geophysical observations. If you're interest is to learn more about our research, our group members, or if it's just to view some of the many movies we have made over the years, we invite you to explore our web pages.
Convection Movies
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