Katie Stack
My research interests span from Earth to Mars and back again- I use Earth analogues, laboratory studies, and remotely-acquired images and spectral data to better understand the sedimentology and stratigraphy of Mars.
I'm interested in the physical stratigraphy and composition of layered deposits on the Martian surface. One of my main research goals is to understand the sedimentological processes that these layers represent on both a global and local scale. In the laboratory I am working to understand the limits of mineral detections on the Martian surface. The mineral assemblages that we observe on Mars can provide important information about the history of water on the planet, and I am doing quantitative modeling of mixtures relevant to the spectral data we've collected with spectrometers like CRISM and OMEGA.
A little bit about me: I am originally from Connecticut and I graduated from Williams College, Class of '08. I enjoy playing and spectating sports of all kinds, visiting National Parks, and going on adventures.