Selected Experience


At Harvard, I mentored first-year graduate students through the Harvard Astronomy Graduate Student Peer Mentorship program and undergraduate students through the Women in Science, Technology, and Engineering at Harvard Mentorship program. Since fall 2016, I have mentored graduate students through Caltech's Women Mentoring Women program.

Teaching Fellow

I was a teaching fellow for Astronomy 16 at Harvard University in spring 2011 and spring 2012. Astronomy 16 is an introductory astronomy course for future astronomy majors, but it also attracts students from other fields who have a solid background in math and physics. As a teaching fellow, I ran two sections of labs, held office hours, and graded assignments.

SURF Co-Mentor

During summer 2016, I served as co-mentor to Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow Girish Duvvuri. The goal of Girish's project was to determine which of the K2 targets were actually cool dwarfs so that he could use the K2 data to estimate planet occurrence rates for cool dwarfs. Working in python, Girish developed a random forest that classified K2 target stars as cool dwarfs, Sun-like stars, or giants based on photometry and proper motions alone. He then applied this forest to the K2 target list to provide preliminary estimates of the planet occurrence rates for mid-M dwarfs. Check out his poster at AAS 229 to find out the results!

Astronomy Chat

Since 2013, I have chatted monthly over the internet with visitors at the National Air & Space Museum Observatory in Washington, D.C. During a chat, I will talk with more than 50 visitors about exoplanets, life as a scientist, and astronomy in general.

Communicating Science Conference Series

I was one of the founding organizers of Communicating Science 2013 & 2014, workshops organized by graduate students for graduate students to improve their science communication skills. The workshops were held at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge, MA.

Public Observing Nights

From 2010-2015, I helped with the monthly public observing nights at the Center for Astrophysics (CfA). Each month, a speaker presents a talk about a specific area of astronomy and then the audience is invited up on to the roof to explore the universe through the CfA's telescopes. I was the featured speaker in November 2013. A recording of my presentation about the Quest for Earth-like Planets is available on YouTube.


I was one of the founding members of Astrobites, a daily blog designed to help undergraduates make the transition from completing coursework in their undergraduate classes to conducting research in graduate school. The blog features summaries of interesting papers from the arXiv, descriptions of our experiences in graduate school, and glossaries containing in-depth overviews of specific aspects of astrophysics. A list of my posts on can be found here.