Daniel Bowden

Graduate Student in Geophysics
California Institute of Technology



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My research focuses on ambient noise tomography, and the extent to which crustal properties such as site-response, attenuation, and scattering can be resolved from signal amplitudes. Direct observations of the shallow crustal structure's effect on the ambient noise wavefield can be used to validate more traditional wave propagation methods for seismic hazard estimates.

We have found that a description of surface wave site amplifications leads to frequency and amplitude predictions different from that of a vertically-incident shear wave. This challenges the standard underlying assumption in much of earthquake hazard analysis and engineering, and we are working to develop the formalism by which each type of wave can be properly accounted for.

My other studies include using ambient noise tomography with an OBS array offshore southern California, and the back projections of both earthquake rupture processes and tsunami waves. We are also currently running an array of 24 stations at the Homestake Mine in South Dakota, with stations as deep as ~1.5km, which should provide an excellent opportunity to characterize and describe seismic signals as they propogate at depth.

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1200 E. California Blvd.
MS 252-21
Pasadena, CA 91125

Office: 364 South Mudd (map)
Office Phone: (626) 395-6931
dbowden [at] caltech [dot] edu