Dan J. Bower

Seismological Laboratory, Caltech, MC 252-21, Pasadena, CA 91125-2100, USA

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Many people overlook the fact that Los Angeles is only a 4 hour drive from one of the highest and most spectacular terrains in the United States – the Sierra Nevada. Most of the tourist activity is focused on the Mount Whitney region, but there are many more Sierra peaks around the 14,000 ft mark that offer tremendous mountaineering opportunities and have significantly less (if any!) foot traffic.

Significant (>10,000 ft) mountains climbed
Mountain Elevation (ft) Range Route Season
Mount Whitney 14,505 Sierra, CA Mountaineer's / Whitney Trail July 09 / July 11
Mount Williamson 14,375 Sierra, CA West Face May 09
Mount Sill 14,153 Palisades, Sierra, CA North Couloir June 10
Mount Russell 14,088 Sierra, CA East Ridge July 09
Mount Langley 14,042 Sierra, CA New Army Pass September 09
Mount Tyndall 14,018 Sierra, CA North Rib September 12
Middle Palisade 14,012 Palisades, Sierra, CA Northeast Face July 11
Mount Muir 14,012 Sierra, CA Via the Whitney Trail July 11
Mount Humphreys 13,986 Sierra, CA SW Slope & NW Face September 12
Mount Agassiz 13,891 Palisades, Sierra, CA West Slope August 10
Mount Winchell 13,768 Palisades, Sierra, CA East Arete June 10
University Peak 13,632 Sierra, CA North Face / Southeast Ridge July 12
Cloudripper 13,525 Inconsolables, Sierra, CA East Ridge August 11
Mount Gould 13,011 Sierra, CA South Ridge June 09
Cirque Peak 12,900 Sierra, CA September 09
Pyramid Peak 12,866 Sierra, CA May 13
Mount San Gorgonio 11,499 San Bernardino Mountains, CA Vivian Creek August 12
San Jacinto Peak 10,834 San Jacinto Mountains, CA Deer Springs Trail August 07
San Bernardino Peak 10,649 San Bernardino Mountains, CA San Bernardino Peak Divide Trail August 09
Mount San Antonio (Baldy) 10,068 San Gabriel Mountains, CA Ski Hut/Baldy Bowl Year-round