Dan J. Bower

Seismological Laboratory, Caltech, MC 252-21, Pasadena, CA 91125-2100, USA


Upcoming change of scenery: As of March 2015 I will be a research fellow at ETH Zurich.

I am a staff scientist at the Seismological Laboratory, Caltech, specialising in multi-physics modelling and 4-D data synthesis and analysis to understand the long-term (million year) dynamical evolution of Earth. Through the advancement and application of analytical and numerical models I investigate the dynamic regime of Earth's interior by incorporating insights from other fields such as seismology, mineral physics, and geochemistry. Historically focussed on explaining the structure and evolution of the lower mantle, I am also now developing and applying novel techniques that assimilate geophysical and geological data into geodynamic models to address a range of geological problems.

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