Luca Dal Zilio

CV — ⬇︎pdf

Current position

2019 - Cecil and Sally Drinkward Postdoctoral Scholar in Solid Mechanics and Geophysics

Seismological Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Advisors: Nadia Lapusta, Jean-Philippe Avouac


2019 - PhD in Geophysics at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich

Thesis: Cross-scale modeling of mountain building and the seismic cycle: From Alps to Himalaya

Advisors: Taras Gerya, Ylona van Dinther

2012 - 2014: MSc (cum laude) in Geology, University of Padova, Italy

Thesis: Subduction-induced break-up and drifting of continental plates ⬇︎pdf

Advisors: Manuele Faccenda, Fabio Capitanio

2009 - 2012: BSc in Earth Sciences, University of Padova, Italy

Awards and Honors

2020: Silver Medal from ETH Zürich for outstanding doctoral thesis

2019: Best overall poster presentation at SCEC annual meeting, Palm Springs

2019: Springer Nature Thesis Award

2019: EGU Best Blog Post of 2018 Competition

2018: EGU Outstanding Student Poster (OSP) Award

2018: Best Geostory award by Nature Geoscience journal

2018: Nominated by ETH for the Global Young Scientists Summit 2018, Singapore

2017: Invited keynote speaker at TEDx event – Earthquakes: prediction or prevention?


2018: Early Postdoc Mobility fellowship, Swiss National Science Foundation

2018: Cecil and Sally Drinkward Postdoctoral Scholar in Mechanical Engineering at Caltech

2017: Swiss National Science Foundation, SINERGIA project 1-yr-extension PhD funded

2015: Swiss National Science Foundation, 3 years PhD Research – SINERGIA Swiss-AlpArray

2014: Uni-Padua fellowship, 3 months research assistant: Modelling linked to Plate Tectonics


2018: Full travel support for the Workshop “Modeling Earthquake Source Processes” (Caltech)

2018: Full travel support for the Global Young Scientists Summit 2018, Singapore

2014: Cineca HPC (Italy), 50k/hours, SINDRICO (MSc thesis) project (co-PI)

2013: Travel grant by European Geosciences Union (EGU) Summer School 2013.

Community Engagement

Associate Editor, Tectonics (2020 – )

Reviewer Editor, Frontiers in Frontiers in Earth Science (2019 – )

Judge for Outstanding Student Awards at AGU and EGU (2019 – )

Blog editor for the European Geosciences Union (EGU), Geodynamic Division (2017 – 2020)

Reviewer for Geophysical Research Letters, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, JGR: Solid Earth, Tectonophysics, Earth-Science Reviews, Journal of Geodynamics, EGU Solid Earth, Terra Nova, Frontiers in Earth Science

International conference chair and convener:

EGU-2020: The role of fluids in aseismic and seismic slip on faults

EGU-2020: Advances in understanding earthquake sequences and (a)seismic slip

EGU-2020: Seismic and Aseismic Slip on Seismogenic Faults

AGU-2019: Seismic and Aseismic Slip on Seismogenic Faults

AGU-2019: Cross-Scale and Multi-Scale Building of the Himalaya

AGU-2019: Integrating Plate Interface Rheology and Seismicity with Subduction Zone Geodynamics

EGU-2019: Integrated approaches to bridge Long-term Tectonics and Earthquake cycles

EGU-2018: The Interplay between Earthquakes, the Seismic Cycle and Long-term Deformation

Active collaborations: C. Pranger (ETH Zurich), R. Jolivet (ENS Paris), Taras Gerya (ETH Zurich), György Hetényi (Lausanne, Switzerland), Jonas Ruh (ETH Zurich), J.-P. Avouac (Caltech, USA), Ylona van Dinther (Utrecht University),  Manuele Faccenda (Padova, Italy), S. Barbot (USC, Los Angeles), Edi Kissling (ETH Zurich), Fabio Capitanio (Monash, Australia).


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