Ge 11d/102: Introduction to Geophysics

Winter, 2011-2012


Rob Clayton, x6909,

Mike Gurnis, x6979,

Teaching Assistant: Brent Minchew

Classes (in 162 South Mudd):
Mon, Wed, Fri 9-10

Homework/Grading Policy: Final Grade for the course will be approximately 50% HWK and 50% final. Homework is due as announced


1. Seismology (C)

2. Structure of the Interior of the Earth (C)

3. Composition and Origin of the Interior of the Earth (C)

4. Exploration Geophysics (C)

5. Earthquakes (C)

6. Gravity and the Shape of the Earth (G)

7. Geomagnetic Field (G)

8. Geodesy (C)

9. Plate Tectonics (G)

10. Heat Flow (G)

11. Earth Dynamics (G)

Reference Books:
Fundmentals of Geophysics, William Lowrie, Cambridge Unversity Press, 1997
The Solid Earth: An Introduction to Global Dynamics, C.M.R. Fowler, Cambridge Unversity Press, 1990