Adare Basin Sonobuoy Data

Please cite as:
Adare Basin Sonobuoy data (2007), Sonobuoy Data from the Adare Basin, Antarctica. Caltech. Dataset. doi:10.7909/C37P8W9P


The data described here were acquired during the NBP0701 Cruise aboard the icebreaker Nathaniel B. Palmer from Dec., 2006 to Jan, 2007. The sonobuoy data were part of a geophysical survey in the Adare Trough region of the Ross Sea, Antarctica. In addition, MCS, gravity, magnetics, bathy and other data types were also acquired. These data are available from the Marine Geoscience Data System at the URL MGDS-link .

MCS Data Plots

Plots of the MCS lines recorded as part of this experiment are shown here.


This study was supported by the National Science Foundation under awards OPP0440959 (PI S. Cande) and OPP0440923 (PIs J. Stock and R. Clayton). We thank Captain Mike Watson, the crew, and the technical staff aboard the Palmer.


Google Earth kml files: MCS lines         Sonobuoys

Data Format

The data available below were extracted from the MCS data (sonobouys are auxiliary channels) that is archived in SEGY format at the MGDS. These data are in a custom format that is best described by the structure file isis.h . Each file consists of receiver gatherer (all the useable records by a single sonobuoy), with each trace preceded by the header and followed by 4000 'float' data samples in IEEE format. The x,y,z coordinates in the header are in a local cartesian grid like UTM. Thesw are accurate for computing offsets and sonobuoy-ship azimuths. The headers also include lat-lon coords in WGS84. A description of the seismic part of NBP0701 Cruise can be found here .

A number of the sonobuoys drift while they are recording. A procedure for correcting for this is described in the Selvans et al (2012) reference. Not all the sonobuoys recorded are presented here - only the ones used in the referenced studies. These however tend to be the best ones.

Table of Sonobuy Locations, Plots, Raw Data
Name Lat Lon Image Data
L01S03 -70.936 171.879 JPG   PS 7Mb
L02S01 -71.014 173.492 JPG   PS 9Mb
L02S02 -71.058 173.034 JPG   PS 8Mb
L02S04 -71.239 173.193 JPG   PS 8Mb
L03S02 -70.592 173.136 JPG   PS 9Mb
L03S03 -70.405 172.966 JPG   PS 14Mb
L04S02 -71.340 174.670 JPG   PS 18Mb
L04S03 -71.448 173.098 JPG   PS 18Mb
L04S04 -71.595 171.753 JPG   PS 7Mb
L04S05 -71.632 172.990 JPG   PS 8Mb
L04S06 -71.503 174.561 JPG   PS 13Mb
L05S02 -72.386 173.832 JPG   PS 14Mb
L05S03 -71.801 173.847 JPG   PS 15Mb
L06S01 -70.780 173.947 JPG   PS 13Mb
L06S02 -70.758 173.219 JPG   PS 12Mb
L06S03 -70.845 172.175 JPG   PS 8Mb
L07S01 -70.928 174.474 JPG   PS 8Mb
L07S02 -71.059 174.249 JPG   PS 7Mb
L07S03 -71.390 172.536 JPG   PS 12Mb
L08S01 -71.276 174.283 JPG   PS 15Mb
L08S02 -71.700 174.369 JPG   PS 18Mb
L08S03 -71.817 172.862 JPG   PS 13Mb
L09S01 -69.003 173.436 JPG   PS 13Mb
L09S02 -69.589 174.000 JPG   PS 10Mb
L09S03 -70.473 174.223 JPG   PS 11Mb
L09S04 -70.749 174.370 JPG   PS 11Mb
L10S01 -71.353 173.957 JPG   PS 13Mb
L12S01 -70.711 171.644 JPG   PS 12Mb
L12S02 -70.881 171.872 JPG   PS 12Mb
L12S04 -71.223 172.780 JPG   PS 12Mb
L12S05 -71.450 173.037 JPG   PS 13Mb
L12S06 -71.824 173.541 JPG   PS 9Mb
L13S02 -71.291 174.714 JPG   PS 14Mb
L13S03 -71.346 174.776 JPG   PS 15Mb
L13S04 -71.520 174.926 JPG   PS 16Mb
Name Lat Lon Image Data
L13S05 -71.648 175.037 JPG   PS 15Mb
L13S06 -71.740 175.115 JPG   PS 9Mb
L14S01 -71.862 175.182 JPG   PS 15Mb
L14S02 -71.956 174.975 JPG   PS 17Mb
L14S03 -72.057 174.735 JPG   PS 12Mb
L14S04 -72.140 174.553 JPG   PS 14Mb
L14S05 -72.243 174.313 JPG   PS 11Mb
L14S06 -72.345 174.072 JPG   PS 14Mb
L14S07 -72.431 173.863 JPG   PS 12Mb
L14S08 -72.510 173.672 JPG   PS 12Mb
L14S09 -72.648 173.333 JPG   PS 8Mb
L14S10 -72.697 173.219 JPG   PS 15Mb
L15S03 -72.781 172.983 JPG   PS 8Mb
L15S04 -72.702 173.197 JPG   PS 12Mb
L15S05 -72.624 173.402 JPG   PS 12Mb
L15S06 -72.550 173.577 JPG   PS 11Mb
L16S01 -72.404 173.742 JPG   PS 10Mb
L16S02 -72.345 173.446 JPG   PS 7Mb
L16S03 -72.290 173.169 JPG   PS 13Mb
L16S04 -72.255 173.002 JPG   PS 11Mb
L16S05 -72.194 172.714 JPG   PS 11Mb
L16S06 -72.137 172.450 JPG   PS 11Mb
L17S02 -72.097 172.258 JPG   PS 12Mb
L17S04 -72.303 173.233 JPG   PS 12Mb
L17S05 -72.365 173.551 JPG   PS 16Mb
L17S06 -72.432 173.883 JPG   PS 13Mb
L17S07 -72.519 174.317 JPG   PS 14Mb
L19S01 -72.667 175.714 JPG   PS 16Mb
L19S04 -72.761 174.681 JPG   PS 17Mb
L19S05 -72.725 174.427 JPG   PS 12Mb
L19S06 -72.678 174.084 JPG   PS 12Mb
L19S07 -72.617 173.783 JPG   PS 12Mb
L19S08 -72.533 173.402 JPG   PS 12Mb
L19S09 -72.484 173.171 JPG   PS 13Mb
L19S10 -72.395 172.779 JPG   PS 10Mb