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  • Ge 106 - Introduction to Structural Geology (Second Term, 9 units, offered every year)
  • This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of structural geology. It is designed mainly for students with an elementary course in geology and background in mathematics, physics and chemistry at the sophomore level. The components of the course include lectures, problem sets and a final exam. Each student will have to work on a project and give an oral presentation in class.
  • GE 177b - Active Tectonics (Third term, 12 units, offered every two years)
    • This course introduces a variety of techniques to describe 'quantitatively' deformation of the crust and lithosphere together with a review of the basic mechanisms governing lithospheric deformation and the seismic cycle. The emphasis is put on time scales relevant to earthquake processes (seconds to several thousand years). Conceptual and mechanical models of the earthquake cycle are introduced. The students are taught to think not only in terms of kinematics, but also in terms of stress and rheology. The labs are based on the analysis and modeling of data from real-case studies.


  • GE 110 - Geographic Information Systems for Geology and Planetary Sciences (First term, 6 units, offered every year)
    • This course is an introduction to the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Earth and Planetary Science. GIS is a computer-based system used for mapping and geospatial analysis. The goal of the course is to provide a solid foundation in the principle of GIS concentrating on how it is used as a research tool in Earth and planetary sciences. (Instructor: Lisa Christiansen)


  • GE 277 - Active Tectonics Reading Seminar (Second term, 6 units, offered every year)
    • Key issues in active tectonics based on a review of the literature. The topic of the seminar is adjusted every year based on the students' and instructor's interest.

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