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Codes for wave propagation and earthquake dynamics :

For the numerical simulation of 2D earthquake dynamics, the spectral boundary integral equation code BIMAT is well suited for planar faults in homogeneous and bimaterial media, and the spectral element code SEM2DPACK is well suited for non-planar faults in heterogeneous or non-linear media. Both are freely available for research purposes under the GNU General Public License
If you like me to keep you updated about new releases, contact me. For SEM2DPACK you should instead subscribe to "Update Notifications" and submit help requests through SourceForge.

A 3D SEM parallel code for earthquake dynamics will be eventually released as part of SPECFEM3D.

Here is a primer about earthquake dynamics modeling for non-geophysicists (still an incomplete draft).
Here is a description of the SEM method for earthquake dynamics (still an incomplete draft).

Some research done with SEM2DPACK:
Some research done with BIMAT-PCSI:

Last version
Fortran 95

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Older versions
2D Spectral Element Method for seismic wave propagation and earthquake dynamics. Ideal for realistic 2D models (e.g. sedimentary basins, non-planar faults, heterogeneous or non-linear media).
User's guide
The implementation of earthquake dynamics is described in this draft.
SEMLAB Matlab 29/09/2005 Spectral Element Method for 1D and 2D SH wave propagation.
Fortran 77 and MPI

Older versions
Spectral Boundary Integral Equation Method (S-BIEM) for 2D mode II rupture dynamics on bimaterial interfaces (handles homogeneous media as a special case). Ideal for planar faults in unbounded elastic medium.
Includes a parallel version of a code initially developed by Alain Cochard.
SBIEMLAB Matlab 0.1
S-BIEM for 2D mode III rupture dynamics
Formerly called FULLDYN

Useful links.
SEM2DPACK example 1: obliquely incident SH wave impinging on a sedimentary basin
SEM2DPACK example 2: a dynamic earthquake rupture propagating on a dipping fault.
Vertical velocity wavefield.

velocity X
damage alpha
SEM2DPACK example 2: dynamic crack propagation with off-fault continuum damage.
Only right half shown.

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