Another Geobiology Course, in the bag

For the second year in a row, Victoria Orphan, Woody Fischer and myself ran the 5-week summer International Geobiology training course, for graduate students and postdocs. This whirlwind of activity included field work in Mono Lake, the Eastern Sierras, and on the coast near Ventura; at least 10 separate lab rotations at Caltech, including stable isotope mass spectrometry, synchotron X-ray spectroscopy, nano-SIMS, and others; and 11 days of learning and working with our data at the Wrigley Marine Science Center on Catalina Island. We had a blast with this amazing group of 16 students (see above) and made many new friends. We’ll be doing the course again in summer 2019, if you are interested in attending there is information posted here.

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