I am a Professor of Geobiology in the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences at Caltech, and am affiliated with the geobiology and geochemistry academic options. I serve as the option representative for geobiology. I currently teach three courses:  Organic Geochemistry (Ge 143), Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (Ge 145), and Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry (Ge 140c). Ge-143 and 145 are taught in the fall in alternate years (2017 is Ge-145), 140c is in the spring in alternate years (taught in 2018). I also serve as co-director of the  International Geobiology Course, a summer graduate training course hosted at Caltech and the Wrigley Marine Institute.

My research group uses the structure, abundance, and stable isotope composition of organic molecules to solve a range of problems in Earth and Environmental Sciences. We work on everything from modern oceans, soils, plants and bacteria, to 3 billion year-old rocks. Our special expertise lies in finding new ways to measure the abundance of stable isotopes in these organic molecules, and applying those new measurement techniques to study a variety of scientific questions. Our work can be variously described as organic geochemistry, geobiology, or biogeochemistry.

My research group currently consists of a lab manager, technician, 3 postdocs, and 1 PhD student. You can see their smiling faces here. If you are interested in coming to work with me as a student or postdoc, please email.

John Eiler and I recently formed a company called Isotomics to commercialize the application of clumped-isotope measurements in organic molecules. So far its just a website...

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