About Me

My research is primarily focused on seismological observations, but I have also incorporated geodetic, geological and magnetotelluric observations as well. I use these observations to understand earth structure and slow slip phenomena. I also like to play with different earthquake/tremor detection techniques to observe low magnitude earthquakes and tremor in tectonic and geothermal settings, and in unsusual settgins like floating Arctic ice. I am also the SCSN and DC manager in training and previously worked closely with the Mexican National Seismological Service. Freely available network data is an important resource that allows for analyzing decades of data with recent techniques. I have also run and analyzed campaign style temporary networks for tomography, aftershock studies, seismo-tectonic analysis, etc. Finally, I experienced first hand about 10 seismic alerts in Mexico, with two of those associated with the large September 2017 Mexican earthquakes that took hundreds of lives.

Research Interests