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Date Speaker(s) Affiliation(s) Title(s)*
01/03/2018 -- -- Canceled
01/10/2018 Dr. Junjie Liu JPL Deciphering terrestrial biosphere carbon-climate feedbacks from space
01/17/2018 Dr. Hyman Hartman Institute for Advanced Studies in Biology The origin and evolution of Metabolism and the Thioester world.
01/24/2018 Prof. Woodward Fischer Caltech What if Oxygenic Photosynthesis Isn’t That Old
01/31/2018 Dr. Chao Liu Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology A two-habit model for the microphysical and optical properties of ice clouds
02/07/2018 Dr. Timothy Lyons UC Riverside How Earth's early history can help guide our search for life beyond our solar system
02/14/2018 Dr. Stuart Bartlett Earth Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology Dissipation - Decisions of Dynamical Systems
02/21/2018 Mr. John Zanazzi Cornell The Dynamics of Protoplanetary Disks in Binary Star Systems
02/28/2018 Dr. Shahab Arabshahi JPL Natural particle accelerators producing antimatter inside planetary atmospheres
03/07/2018 Dr. Ian G. Fenty JPL NASA'S Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) mission
03/14/2018 -- -- Canceled
03/21/2018 Dr. Merino, Nancy Earth Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology Microbial Life in a Serpentinite-Hosted System, Hakuba Happo Hot Springs: Revealing Microbial Interactions and Novel Taxa through Single-Cell Genomics
03/28/2018 Prof. Frank Mills ANU College of Science Atmospheric chemistry on Venus: An overview of unresolved issues
04/04/2018 Dr. Yang Chen UC Irvine Fire predictability in the Earth system
04/11/2018 Ms. Juliette Becker University of Michigan Forming Hot Jupiters: Observational Constraints on Gas Giant Formation and Migration
04/18/2018 Dr. David Thompson JPL Atmospheric Correction with Closure of Uncertainties: Optimal Estimation for Surface Reflectance Retrievals by Airborne Visible / Shortwave IR Imaging Spectrometers
04/25/2018 -- -- Cancelled
05/02/2018 Ms. Jamie S. Rankin Caltech Voyager 1 Observations of Galactic Cosmic-Ray Anisotropies in the Local Interstellar Medium
05/09/2018 Dr. Hai M. Nguyen JPL Consequences of misspecification of the prior mean and the prior covariance for Optimal Estimation retrievals
05/16/2018 Prof. Tinetti, Giovanna UCL A chemical survey of exoplanets
05/23/2018 Prof. Yuk Yung Caltech Yung's family trip to Machu Picchu
05/30/2018 Dr. Trevor David JPL Towards measuring temporal trends in exoplanet properties and occurrence
06/06/2018 Dr. Virginie Faramaz JPL Eccentric Planets & Debris Disks Interactions
06/13/2018 Dr. Jonathan Jiang JPL Judging the Chess Games: Climate Model Evaluation and Analysis Using Satellite Observations
06/20/2018 Dr. Yasuhiro Hasegawa JPL Planet Formation in Star-Forming Regions: from the Solar System to Other Worlds
06/27/2018 Dr. Jonathan Jiang JPL Time Series of Pale Blue Dots
07/04/2018 -- -- Cancelled
07/11/2018 Dr. Zhan Su Caltech Decadal Trend in Antarctic Sea Ice
07/18/2018 Dr. Kurt D. Retherford Southwest Research Institute Europa-UVS, JUICE-UVS, and Hubble Observations of Galilean Satellite Atmospheres
07/25/2018 Mr. Max Joshua Blue Skies Space Ltd Twinkle – a low-Earth orbit visible and infrared exoplanet spectroscopy observatory
08/01/2018 Dr. Mingjie Shi JPL Understanding the Carbon–Nitrogen–Water Interactions in Earth System Models with Multiple Satellite Observations
08/08/2018 Dr. Qing Yue JPL Cloud Feedback and ENSO from A-Train
08/15/2018 Mr. Jiazheng Li & Dr. Stuart Bartlett Caltech "Study of terrestrial glints based on DSCOVR observation" & "ALife 2018: Highlights from Odaiba, Tokyo"
08/22/2018 -- -- Cancelled
08/29/2018 Mr. Yangcheng Luo & Miss. Danica Adams Caltech GPS (New Grad Students) (Yangcheng): The Ozone Layer over Tidally Locked Exoplanets around M Dwarfs & (Danica): Aggregate Hazes in Exoplanet Atmospheres
09/05/2018 Dr. Hui Su JPL Robust Changes of Tropical Circulation in a Warming Climate
09/12/2018 Mr. Boer Zhang & Mr. Jason Yang Peking University & Nanjing University (Boer): Comparative study of multiple measures on temporal irreversibility of daily temperature anomaly variations over China& (Jason): Long-term changes in criteria air pollutants over the United States revealed by EPA’s Outdoor Air Quality Data
09/19/2018 Mr. Yuanlong Huang Caltech OH Oxidation of Surface-Active Species at the Air-Water Interface
09/26/2018 Mr. Matt Alessi McMaster University Dust Evolution & Planet Traps: Effects on Planet Populations
10/03/2018 Dr. Stuart Bartlett Caltech Charting the Course: A Possible Route to a Fully Renewable Swiss Power System
10/10/2018 -- -- Cancelled
10/17/2018 Mr. Zhaoxi Zhang Caltech Modelling and retrievals of exoplanet atmospheres with PLATON
10/24/2018 -- -- Cancelled
10/31/2018 Dr. Armineh Barkhordarian JPL Detection of anthropogenic climate change over tropical South America
11/07/2018 Dr. Linda Forster Caltech From remote sensing of ice crystal properties to 3D tomographic cloud reconstruction
11/14/2018 Dr. Yang Liu JPL Martian Breccias NWA 7034 and 7533: A treasure chest for studying diverse hydrothermal activities on Mars
11/21/2018 Dr. Siddharth Krishnamoorthy JPL Listening for Quakes and Volcanoes while Floating on Balloons
11/28/2018 Prof. Benjamin Weiss MIT History of the solar nebula from meteorite and cometary paleomagnetism
12/05/2018 -- -- Cancelled
12/12/2018 -- -- Cancelled
12/19/2018 -- -- Cancelled
12/26/2018 -- -- Cancelled

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