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Last Modified: Dec 19 2017 (Tuesday) PST 12:00 PM

Date Speaker(s) Affiliation(s) Title(s)*
01/10/2017 Dr. Christophe Sotin JPL Hydration of icy moons' silicate core: implications for their interior structure and dynamics
01/17/2017 Ms. Linhan Shen Caltech Atmospheric Methane Source and Sink Attributions using Cavity Ring-down Spectroscopy
01/24/2017 Dr. Vivienne H. Payne JPL Spectroscopy for atmospheric remote sensing: Recent advances and outstanding issues
01/31/2017 Dr. Andreas A. Kappler Caltech Fe-carbonate mineral diagenesis: implications for Earth and beyond & How did Fe(II)-oxidizing bacteria survive high UV radiation on early Earth?
02/07/2017 Dr. Roya Bahreini University of California Riverside Sources, Characteristics, and Impacts of Natural and Anthropogenic Aerosols in the Colorado Front Range
02/14/2017 Dr. Stuart Bartlett Tokyo Institute of Technology Life and Thermodynamics: A Turbulent Relationship
02/21/2017 Dr. Anton Ermakov JPL Ceres’ interiors from the Dawn mission
02/28/2017 Dr. Ronald W. Klusman Colorado School of Mines Mars Brine Geochemical Modeling and Potential for Gas Migration
03/07/2017 Dr. Bethany L. Ehlmann Caltech Chemistry, Mineralogy, and Sand Grain Properties in the Bagnold Dune Field, Gale Crater, Mars: A Synthesis of Curiosity Rover Observations and Implications for Mars Soils and Dust
03/14/2017 Dr. William N. Rapin Caltech Hydration of the martian surface using MSL/Curiosity data
03/21/2017 Dr. Zhu Liu Caltech Revisiting Anthropogenic Carbon Emissions
03/28/2017 -- -- Canceled
04/04/2017 Dr. Yi Yin JPL Decadal variability of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere and the role of biomass burning emissions
04/18/2017 Dr. Xianglei Huang University of Michigan Spectrum: An Underutilized Dimension in the Climate Diagnostics and Climate Change Studies
04/25/2017 -- -- Canceled(AbSciCon)
05/02/2017 Dr. Anezina Solomonidou Caltech Titan’s geology with Cassini VIMS and RADAR data
05/09/2017 Dr. Stuart Bartlett Caltech Dissipative Structures in Thermal Chemical Systems: An Emerging Ecology
05/16/2017 Dr. Bin Guan JPL Observed Impacts and Model Representation of Atmospheric Rivers: A Global Perspective
05/23/2017 Dr. Elena S. Amador Caltech Searching for spectral evidence of serpentine on Mars: Implications for regional and potential global serpentinization processes
05/30/2017 Dr. Zhaocheng Zeng Caltech Aerosol scattering properties over the LA basin inferred from CLARS-FTS (California Lab for Atmospheric Remote Sensing - Fourier Transform Spectrometer)
06/06/2017 Dr. Kevin P. Hand JPL Europa Lander Science Definition Team Study
06/13/2017 Dr. Peter Gao NASA Ames Clouds and Hazes in Exoplanet Atmospheres: A Microphysical Perspective
06/20/2017 Dr. Daniel Feldman Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Measuring and Modeling the Radiative Forcing from Carbon Dioxide and Methane
06/27/2017 Dr. Sushil Atreya University of Michigan Radiolysis: A Potential Pathway to Martian Oxidants
07/04/2017 -- -- Canceled
07/11/2017 Dr. Robert T. Zellem JPL Exoplanets: Finding Life in the Galaxy
07/18/2017 Dr. Carl J. Percival JPL The role of Criegee intermediates in tropospheric chemistry
07/25/2017 Dr. Chuanfeng Zhao Beijing Normal University Strengthening of Arctic Warming by Aerosol Pollution from Mid-latitudes
08/01/2017 Dr. Shuxiao Wang Tsinghua University Source Contributions, Control Options and Health Effects of Fine Particle Pollution in China
08/08/2017 Dr. Michael J. Malaska JPL Scientific Expedition to a sulfide cave: Cueva de Villa Luz, Mexico
08/15/2017 Mr. Jiazheng Li, Mr. Linfeng Wan Caltech, Nanjing University 1. Energy conversion of the magnetotail dipolarization fronts and the characteristics of precursor flows ahead of dipolarization fronts 2. Coronal mass ejection (CME) earth arrival time prediction, what, why, and how
08/22/2017 -- -- Canceled
08/29/2017 Dr. James T. Keane Caltech Pluto followed its heart: reorientation and faulting of Pluto due to volatile loading in Sputnik Planitia
09/05/2017 Dr. Yuk L. Yung Caltech Trip to Xijiang: 9 Aug – 19 Aug
09/12/2017 Dr. Andrew P. Ingersoll Caltech Highlights of the Cassini mission--a list of personal favorites
09/20/2017 Dr. Luis C. Ho Peking University Supermassive Black Holes: Impact on Galaxy Formation and Evolution
09/27/2017 Dr. Michael J. Russell JPL The Possible Emergence of Life and Differetiation of a Shallow Biosphere on Europa
10/04/2017 Mr. Qiang Wei, Mr. Shreyas Vissapragada Peking University, Caltech 1.Young surface of Pluto’s Sputnik Planitia potentially caused by viscous relaxation 2. Predicting Complex Organic Molecule Emission from the TW Hya Protoplanetary Disk
10/11/2017 Dr. Konstantinos P. Giapis Caltech Exotic Reactions in Extreme Environments: Why Comet 67P Spews Molecular Oxygen but Enceladus Leaks Molecular Hydrogen
10/18/2017 -- -- Canceled (DPS)
10/25/2017 Dr. Mike Chaffin University of Colorado Boulder Highlights from two years of remote sensing at Mars with MAVEN's Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph
11/01/2017 Ms. Raluca Rufu Weizmann Institute of Science A multiple impact origin for the Moon
11/08/2017 Dr. Dan McCleese JPL The Dynamic Polar Atmosphere of Mars
11/15/2017 Dr. Bonnie Buratti JPL The Rosetta Mission to a Comet: Major Scientific Results
11/22/2017 Ms. Liyin He Caltech A New Way to Measure Photosynthesis from Space
11/29/2017 Dr. Chunhua Qi Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Imaging disk snow lines and near-nucleus cometary coma
12/06/2017 -- -- Canceled
12/13/2017 -- -- Canceled (AGU)
12/20/2017 -- -- Canceled
12/27/2017 -- -- Canceled (Christmas)

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