YLY Seminar

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Last Modified: Dec 30 2016 (Friday) PST 4:37 PM

Date Speaker(s) Affiliation(s) Title(s)*
01/05/2016 Dr. King-Fai Li University of Washington A model-observation discrepancy in stratospheric ozone response to solar cycle
01/12/2016 -- -- Cancelled
01/19/2016 Dr. Georgy Manucharyan Caltech Transient halocline and freshwater dynamics of the Arctic's Beaufort Gyre
01/26/2016 Dr. James Breckinridge Caltech Telescope polarization & image quality: Uncompensated polarization aberrations
02/02/2016 Dr. Shanshan Yu JPL Molecular spectroscopy and NASA missions
02/09/2016 Dr. Nils Mueller JPL Near infrared observations of the surface of Venus
02/16/2016 Dr. Ralph Kahn NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Aerosol Remote Sensing from Space: Where We Stand, Where We're Heading
02/23/2016 Dr. Ulyana Dyudina and Dr. Vijay Natraj Caltech and JPL Reflected Light Curves, Spherical and Bond Albedos of Jupiter- and Saturn-like Exoplanets. The ways to Tell Solid Planets From Gaseous by the Light Curve (Dyudina); A New Limb Radiative Transfer Model for the Investigation of Tropical Tropopause Layer Cirrus Cloud Properties (Natraj)
03/01/2016 Dr. Ryuhei Nakamura RIKEN Energetic Insight into Carbon Fixation Triggered by Geo-electrical Current at Deep-sea Hydrothermal Vents
03/08/2016 Dr. Yuan Wang JPL Aerosol-Cloud-Climate Interactions From Regional to Global Scale
03/15/2016 Dr. Anthony DeAngelis UCLA Intensification of Earth's hydrologic cycle and the absorption of solar radiation by atmospheric water vapor
03/22/2016 Dr. Luis Millan JPL Boundary layer water vapor: New measurements to constrain weather and climate models
03/29/2016 Ms. Dana Anderson Caltech Oxidation of Refractory Carbon in the Solar Nebula
04/05/2016 Mr. Alexander Richert Penn State University Modeling the observational signatures of newly-formed planets in circumstellar disks
04/12/2016 Prof. Gang Chen UCLA Midlatitude Circulations and Extremes using Tracer Coordinates
04/19/2016 Ms. Lu Pan Caltech The stratigraphy of the northern plains of Mars inferred from impact crater mineralogy
04/26/2016 Dr. Jinbo Wang JPL Inferring 3D mesoscale eddy structure from surface fields
05/03/2016 Prof Patrice Klein Ifremer/CNRS A new vision of the ocean dynamics: impact of sub-mesoscale structures on larger scales
05/10/2016 Cancelled -- --
05/17/2016 Dr. Yan Betremieux JPL A journey through the refractive layers of exoplanetary atmospheres
05/19/2016 Prof. Yongyun Hu Peking University [SPECIAL] Spatial climate patterns of tidal-locking exoplanets around M dwarfs and their implications for observations
05/24/2016 Dr. Jonathan Jiang JPL/AGU Editor Being A Good Author and Reviewer for Scientific Publications: An Editor's Perspective
05/31/2016 Prof. Eleanor Frajka-Williams University of Southampton A decade of observations of the Atlantic overturning circulation: From In situ and satellites observations
06/07/2016 Dr. Matthew Golombek JPL Erosion rates and climate change on Mars
06/14/2016 Cancelled -- --
06/21/2016 Dr. Hui Su JPL Relationships between Tropical High Clouds, Circulation and Precipitation
06/23/2016 Prof. Renyi Zhang Texas A&M University (TAMU) Understanding Severe Haze Formation in China - Progress and Challenges
06/28/2016 Dr. Jonathan Jiang JPL Observation and Measurement in Earth and Space Sciences
07/05/2016 Dr. Robert T Zellem JPL --
07/12/2016 Multiple Speakers Caltech Summer Student Presentations
07/19/2016 Renyu Hu JPL
07/26/2016 Dr. Clare Wong JPL Tracking greenhouse gas emissions from Los Angeles using a mountaintop observation system
08/02/2016 Prof. Yuk L Yung Caltech Stories and Pictures from Tibet
08/09/2016 Prof. Varuvat Limpasuvan Coastal Carolina University On the Upward Impact of the Wintertime Polar Vortex Breakdown
08/16/2016 Dr. Dmitry Mukhin Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences New nonlinear expansion of spatially distributed data
08/23/2016 Tianhao Le & Stephen Markham Caltech GPS (New Grad Students) “The Atmospheric Radiation Model (TARM) for planetary atmosphere and its application” & "Excitation Mechanisms for Giant Planet Seismology"
08/30/2016 Dr. Mariano Garcia Alonso JPL Quantifying the Rim fire’s contribution to carbon emissions using airborne LiDAR and Landsat OLI data
09/06/2016 Huazhi Ge & Patrick Fischer University of Science and Technology of China / Caltech "Emission Light Curve on Jupiter and Brief Insights for Brown Dwarfs Light Curve" & "Discussion of Evaporite Composition across the Solar System"
09/13/2016 Dr. Brandi L Carrier JPL UV Radiation on Mars: Implications for Perchlorate Formation and for the SHERLOC Mars 2020 Instrument
09/20/2016 Dr. Tiffany Kataria JPL From Hot Jupiters to Super Earths: Understanding Weather on Extrasolar Worlds
09/27/2016 Dr. Surendra Adhikari JPL Can GRACE Explain Some of the Enigmatic Features of Polar Motion?
10/04/2016 Dr. Yuan Wang Caltech The Impacts of varying Anthropogenic Emissions on the Arctic Sea Ice
10/11/2016 Dr. Valéry Lainey Observatoire de Paris Quantification of tidal dissipation among giant planets from astrometry
10/18/2016 -- -- Cancelled (DPS)
10/25/2016 -- -- Cancelled
11/01/2016 Ms. Elizabeth A. Bailey Caltech Quantifying impactor delivery of amino acids during the time span relevant to emergence of life
11/08/2016 Dr. Lucien Froidevaux JPL Past, present, and future ozone variations and trends
11/15/2016 Mr. Benjamin E. DeMario & Ms. Cecilia Sanders Caltech Results of a Hubble Space Telescope Search for Natural Satellites of 1 Ceres & Understanding the Origin of Light Organics in the Plume and South Polar Terrain of Enceladus
11/22/2016 Ms. Eve Lee University of California Berkeley The Late-Time Formation and Dynamical Signatures of Small Planets
11/29/2016 Dr. Derek J. Posselt JPL Tipping Points in Weather - Climate Interactions
12/06/2016 Dr. Vineet Yadav JPL Estimating unobservable parameters from observable data: a methodological insight into statistical framework for geophysical inverse problems
12/07/2016 Dr. Eric Smith Tokyo Institute of Technology / Santa Fe Institute / Georgia Institute of Technology [Special] The Planetary Science of a Metabolic Origin of Life
12/13/2016 -- -- Cancelled (AGU)
12/20/2016 Mr. Ian-Lin Lai National Central University Gas outflow and dust transport of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

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