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Date Speaker(s) Affiliation(s) Title(s)*
01/06/2015 Dr. Juan Lora UCLA Simulating the circulation of Titan's middle and lower atmosphere
01/13/2015 Prof. Shawn McGlynn Tokyo Metropolitan University Multicellular interactions during anaerobic methane oxidation
01/20/2015 Dr. Hyman Hartman MIT Mars, clays and the origins of life
01/27/2015 Dr. Lukas Mandrake JPL Machine Learning at JPL: Squeezing more out of your data
02/03/2015 Dr. Ulyana Dyudina Caltech Aurora on Saturn observed in visible wavelengths by Cassini
02/10/2015 Dr. Josette Bellan JPL Large Eddy Simulation of Two-Phase Flows with Evaporation
02/17/2015 Prof. Frank Mills Australian National University A review of SO2 and SO in Venus' mesosphere
02/24/2015 Prof. Gerard Roe University of Washington Humpty Dumpty and Regional Climate Predictability
03/03/2015 Dr. Anthony Bloom JPL Satellite data constraints on biogenic and pyrogenic carbon fluxes
03/10/2015 Dr. Hao Cao Caltech Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking in Planetary Magnetic Fields
03/17/2015 Dr. Esha Manne JPL Measurements of spectral parameters for ro-vibrational lines of water and CO2 targeted by the Mars -Tunable Laser Spectrometer
03/24/2015 -- -- --Spring Break--
03/31/2015 Dr. Bjorn Benneke Caltech Exploring the Elemental Compositions of Exoplanets
04/14/2015 Dr. Suniti Sanghavi JPL Recent advances in the radiative transfer modeling of aerosol and clouds
04/21/2015 Prof. Dimitri Mawet Caltech Exoplanet imaging and characterization at Palomar and Keck
04/28/2015 Dr. Samuel Gulkis JPL The European Space Agency Rosetta Space Mission to Comet 67p/ Churyumov-Gerasimenko to Understand the Origin of the Solar System
05/05/2015 Prof. Giovanna Tinetti University College London Galactic planetary science
05/12/2015 Dr. Sloane Wiktorowicz UC Santa Cruz A Revolution in the Rotation of Exoplanets, Asteroids, and the Crab Pulsar
05/19/2015 Dr. Katherine Deck Caltech Orbital dynamics of the Kepler multi-planet systems
05/26/2015 Dr. Ulyana Dyudina Caltech Jupiter and Saturn's light curves simulated as if they were exoplanets. Effects of rings, orbital eccentricity, and non-Lambertian scattering on the light curves and Bond albedo estimates
06/02/2015 Dr. James Sinclair JPL Seasonal and interannual variability in Saturn's stratosphere
06/09/2015 Dr. Mark Richardson JPL Field spectroscopy to inform snow-mass retrievals
06/16/2015 Dr. Don Shemansky USC Europa's role in the Jupiter magnetosphere
06/23/2015 Dr. Jianping Guo Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences Aerosol-induced Changes in Precipitation over Pearl River Delta: Observational Evidence and Model Simulations
06/30/2015 Dr. Kevin Bowman JPL Climate Forcing in the Earth System: Perspectives from satellites, modeling, and assimilation
07/07/2015 Dr. Tao Wang JPL Trajectory Study of The Stratosphere: A Tracer Perspective
07/17/2015 Mr. Giuseppe Morello UCL A blind method to detrend instrumental systematics in exoplanetary light-curves
07/21/2015 Mr. Henry Ngo Caltech Helping Friends Move: Companion-Driven Giant Exoplanet Dynamics
07/31/2015 Dr. Yongyun Hu Peking University Stratospheric ozone, the Hadley circulation, and Antarctic sea ice
08/04/2015 Mike Wong and Yuk Yung Caltech Photochemistry of Pluto and Titan
08/11/2015 Dr. Kenneth Williford JPL Looking for Life on Mars (on Earth)
08/18/2015 Dr. Bin Guan JPL Atmospheric Rivers and Climate Variability: Regional and Global Connections
08/25/2015 Dr. Michael Ghil Ecole Normale Superieure and UCLA Interdecadal Climate Variability, Natural and Forced
09/01/2015 Dr. Laurie Barge JPL Experimentally Simulating Seafloor Systems for Origin of Life and Planetary Habitability
09/22/2015 Mr. Ziwei Li, Mr. Siteng Fan Peking University, Caltech Examining the Effect of Deformation Radius on Zonal Jets Based on a Quasi-Geostrophic Model (Li); Observations of Expansion, Fluctuations and Heating of Coronal Mass Ejections (Fan)
09/29/2015 Dr. Robert Herman JPL Observations of Lower Stratospheric Water Vapor Injected by Overshooting Convection
10/06/2015 Dr. Claire Newman Ashima Research Near-surface winds and aeolian features on Mars, Titan and Paleo Earth
10/13/2015 Dr. Anthony Davis JPL 3D Radiative Transfer in Cloudy Atmospheres: Main Applications, History, and Recent Developments
10/20/2015 Prof. Amy Lovell Agnes Scott College Radio Spectroscopy of Comets: Trends in Gas Production and Outflow
10/23/2015 Prof. Xianglei Huang University of Michigan [SPECIAL] Incorporating the realistic surface spectral emissivity in the climate models: motivation, treatment, and preliminary results
10/27/2015 Dr. Vlada Stamenkovic Caltech/JPL A bottom-up approach for plate tectonics & planet evolution
11/03/2015 Prof. Wladimir Lyra California State University Planet Signatures in Transitional Disks
11/10/2015 -- -- DPS Meeting
11/17/2015 Dr. Le (Elva) Luai UCLA JIFRESSE A Large Missing Source for Carbonyl Sulfide from the Tropical Ocean?
11/24/2015 Prof. Sunney Chan Caltech Learning from microbes to develop an efficient catalyst for the conversion of methane into methanol under ambient conditions
12/01/2015 Dr. Lei Huang JPL Distribution, Variation and Transport of CO in the Upper Troposphere from Satellite Observation and Model Simulation
12/08/2015 Mr. Christopher Spalding Caltech The most catastrophic catastrophe: Population dynamics under stochastic extreme events
12/15/2015 -- -- AGU Meeting
12/22/2015 -- -- Christmas Celebration
12/29/2015 -- -- New Year Celebration

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