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Date Speaker(s) Affiliation(s) Title(s)*
01/07/2014 Dr. Clare Wong JPL XCH4:XCO2 ratio in the Los Angeles Basin
01/14/2014 Zhihong Tan Caltech Understanding the subtropical low-cloud feedback with a hierachy of models
01/21/2014 Dr. Ayah Lazar Caltech Inertial instability of oceanic submesoscale vortices: Marginal stability criterion, laboratory experiments and observations
01/28/2014 Dr. Wesley A. Traub JPL An Estimate of Eta-Earth, From Simulating Kepler Data
02/04/2014 Caroline Morley UCSC Water Clouds in Giant Planets and Y-type Brown Dwarfs
02/10/2014 Dr. Conor A. Nixon NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Titan's Chemical Complexity Revealed in the Thermal Infrared
02/18/2014 Jonathan Fraine University of Maryland, Pontificia Catolica de Chile Atmospheric Composition of the ExoNeptune HAT-P-11b
02/25/2014 Katherine Saad Caltech Development of Tropospheric Partial Columns of Methane for Global Trend Analyses
03/04/2014 Dr Yang Chen JPL Unusual Interaction Between Martian Surface and Mantle Volatile Reservoirs in Impact Melts in the Martian Tissint Meteorite
03/11/2014 Dr. Ru Chen UCSD Isopycnal eddy diffusivities in the Kuroshio Extension from an eddying ocean circulation model
03/18/2014 -- -- Spring Break
03/25/2014 Dr. Dimitris Menemenlis JPL A global, highly instrumented, internal-tide-resolving numerical ocean and sea ice laboratory
04/01/2014 Dr. Rolf Kuiper Max Planck Institute for Astronomy Line polarization of molecular lines in molecular clouds and three-dimensional arbitrary geometries
04/08/2014 Dr. Liu Chuanxi JPL Northern Hemisphere mid-winter vortex-displacement and vortex-split stratospheric sudden warmings: Influence of the Madden-Julian Oscillation and Quasi-Biennial Oscillation
04/15/2014 Dr. Sun Kwok Hong Kong University Organics in the solar system
04/22/2014 Dr. David Halpern JPL Observations of Equatorial Planetary Boundary Layer Wind Shear
04/29/2014 Dr. Sarah Stewart Harvard University Magma Oceans and Atmospheric Loss during Earth's Accretion
05/06/2014 Dr. Andrew Stewart Caltech Water Mass Exchange and Heat Transport Across the Antarctic Shelf Break
05/13/2014 Dr. Yongyun Hu Peking University Exo-oceanography, climate, and habitability of tidal-locking exoplanets round M dwarfs
05/20/2014 Dr. Michael Russell JPL Searching for the readymade free energy converters necessary to launch life
05/27/2014 Dr. Morgan Cable JPL Formation of Organic Co-Crystals in Titan Surface Materials
06/03/2014 Dr. Yingdi Liu JPL New insight into the old Mystery - Tropospheric ozonlysis of alkene reactions
06/10/2014 Dr. Yuan Wang JPL Impacts of Asian pollution from regional to global scales
06/17/2014 Dr. Brian Kahn JPL A survey of tropospheric cloud observations from the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder
06/24/2014 Dr. Hui Su JPL Observational Evidence of Moistening of Lower Stratosphere by Tropical Deep Convection
07/01/2014 -- -- OCO-2 Launch
07/08/2014 Brett McGuire Caltech Time-Domain TeraHertz Spectroscopy of Astrophysical Ice Analogs
07/15/2014 Dr. Alexander Ruzmaikin JPL On Extreme Events
07/22/2014 Dr. Peyman Tavallali Caltech Sparse Time-Frequency Data Analysis: A Multi-scale Approach
07/29/2014 Dr. Yuk Yung Caltech Silk Road Trip
08/05/2014 Yuk Group Caltech Seminar for summer students
08/12/2014 Dr. Edward Olsen JPL AIRS Retrieval of Atmospheric CO2
08/19/2014 Dr. Konstantin Batygin Caltech Magnetically Controlled Weather on Hot Exoplanets
08/26/2014 Dr. Hanii Takahashi JPL Error Analysis of Upper Tropospheric Water Vapor in CMIP5 Model using "A-Train" Satellite Observations and Reanalysis Data
09/02/2014 Peter Buhler and Christopher Spalding Caltech (Buhler) Deposition Strikes Back: A Short-term Stability Cycle for the Martian Residual South Polar Cap; (Spalding) Early excitation of spin-orbit misalignments and the influence of stellar magnetism
09/09/2014 Pushkar Kopparla and Xi Xi Caltech (Kopparla) Polarimetry holds much potential for obtaining both atmospheric properties and orbital parameters of exoplanets, (Xi) Remote sensing of CO2, CH4, CO, and H2O from geostationary orbit
09/16/2014 Xiaozhou Ruan and Zachary Erickson Caltech (Ruan) Boundary control of potential vorticity injection with oscillating flows (Erickson) Southern Ocean jet variability in simple models
09/23/2014 Dr. Paul Staten JPL Constructing a climate record from 30-years of NOAA polar orbiting satellite observations
09/30/2014 Dr. Randy Gladstone Southwest Research Institute New Horizons Alice Instrument Observations Near Pluto
10/07/2014 Dr. Lei Huang JPL Vertical distributions of cloud water content associated with different cloud types as observed by A-Train satellites
10/14/2014 Rob Zellem University of Arizona Observing Transiting Exoplanets: Removing Systematic Errors to Constrain Atmospheric Abundances, Structure, and Dynamics
10/21/2014 Cenlin He UCLA Evolution of black carbon optical properties during atmospheric aging
10/28/2014 Dr. Sha Feng JPL Development of Fine-Resolution Analyses and Investigation of Single-Column Model CAM5 Simulation
11/04/2014 Dr. Roland Hatzenpichler Caltech Aeromicrobiology: the final frontier
11/11/2014 -- -- --DPS--
11/18/2014 Prof. Rong Fu University of Texas Mechanism behind the spring to summer drought memory and its impact on early warning of the summer drought over US Great Plains
11/25/2014 Dr. Junjie Liu JPL Drivers of column CO2 variability and CO2 flux estimation using column CO2 observations
12/02/2014 Dr. Nathan Mayne University of Exeter Modeling the climates of (exo)planets
12/09/2014 -- -- CANCELLED
12/16/2014 -- -- --AGU--
12/23/2014 -- -- --Christmas Celebration--
12/30/2014 -- -- --New Year Celebration--

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