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Date Speaker(s) Affiliation(s) Title(s)*
01/01/2013 -- -- -- NEW YEARS CELEBRATIONS --
01/08/2013 Dr. King-Fai Li Caltech Solar Cycle and Climate
01/15/2013 Renyu Hu MIT Atmospheric Photochemistry and Potential Biosignatures on Terrestrial Exoplanets
01/22/2013 Prof. Gerald J. Wasserburg Caltech The status of 26Al in the Early solar Sytem & the Issues at Hand

- Venue Changed to 365 Salvatori Room S. Mudd

01/29/2013 Dr. Frank Li JPL Systematic and Related Biases in Cloud Ice/Liquid and Radiation in CMIP3/5 Simulations: Implications for Neglecting Impact of Precipitating/Convective Hydrometeors on Radiation
02/05/2013 Dr. Yang Liu JPL Water on the Moon
02/12/2013 Cheng Li Caltech Discussion about WRF model


02/19/2013 Dr. Matt Siegler JPL New Views on Lunar Heat Flow
02/26/2013 Dr. Michael Werner JPL Spitzer and Exoplanets
03/05/2013 Mr. Erik Petigura UC Berkeley A Plateau in the Planet Population at Twice the Size of Earth
03/12/2013 -- -- -- no seminar this week --
03/19/2013 Dr. Nicholas Klingaman University of Reading Improving the Madden-Julian oscillation in the Hadley Centre model: Why air-sea coupling matters (sometimes)
03/26/2013 -- --

- -- No seminar this week: Spring Break! --

04/02/2013 Prof. Jason Wright Penn State University A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall on the Dark Side of the Moon
04/09/2013 Dr. Baijun Tian JPL Evaluating CMIP5 Models using AIRS Tropospheric Air Temperature and Specific Humidity
04/16/2013 Dr. Robert Carlson JPL Chromophores from Photolyzed Ammonia Reacting with Acetylene: Application to Jupiter’s Great Red Spot
04/23/2013 Dr. Jeffrey L. Linsky University of Colorado Lyman-alpha and Extreme-UV Emission from Exoplanet Host Stars and Proposed HST Observations
04/30/2013 Dr. Paul Hayne JPL Seasonal Carbon Dioxide Snowfall at the Poles of Mars
05/07/2013 Dr. Chris Holloway University of Reading Simulating deep atmospheric convection over large tropical domains
05/14/2013 Dr. Justin Stachnik UCLA/JPL Observed Characteristics of Clouds and Precipitating Systems Associated with the Tropical Circulation
05/21/2013 Jinqiang Chen Caltech A New Look into Large-scale Processes Governing the East Asian Summer Monsoon
05/28/2013 Prof. Bin Zou UCLA China Ocean Satellite Development and its Application
06/04/2013 Dr. Chi O. Ao JPL Tropospheric humidity inferred from GPS radio occultation measurements: Accuracy and recent progress
06/11/2013 Dr. David Schimel JPL Observational constraints on the climate sensitivity of the terrestrial biosphere
06/18/2013 Lauren White UCSB/JPL Alkaline hydrothermal vents: Discovering the origins of organic synthesis
06/25/2013 Dr. Hui Su JPL Using satellite observations to constrain climate sensitivity
07/02/2013 -- -- -- Independence Day Celebrations --
07/09/2013 Xi Xi, Dr. Christopher Parkinson Caltech (Xi) Using remotely sensed data to quantify the characteristics of Southeast Asian forest fires (Parkinson) TBD

- Two 30 minute talks this week

07/16/2013 Prof. Shih-Yu (Simon) Wang Utah State University Two different worlds portrayed by GRACE and why they happen
07/23/2013 Prof. Andrew Thompson Caltech The Antarctic Circumpolar Current flexes its muscles: Equilibration via stationary meanders
07/30/2013 Dr. Christophe Sotin JPL Are terrestrial exoplanets Earth-like, Venus-like, or the remnants of gas- or ice-giants?
08/06/2013 Dr. Jihyun Oh JPL The Interaction between the MJO and the Diurnal cycle over the Maritime Continent during Boreal winter
08/13/2013 Pushkar Kopparla, Ian Wong Caltech (Kopparla) On the stability of Super Earth atmospheres (Wong) The magnitude distribution of the Jupiter Trojans: Evidence for two distinct populations

- Two 30 minute talks this week

08/20/2013 Dr. Jill Craven Caltech Airborne Chemical Characterization of Los Angeles Urban Aerosol
08/27/2013 Dr. Paul Nerenberg Claremont McKenna College Molecular simulations of the lakes of Titan
09/03/2013 Dr. Mike Pritchard UC Irvine Critical sensitivities of the superparameterized Madden-Julian Oscillation consistent with moisture mode dynamics.
09/10/2013 Eric Lopez UCSC Understanding Kepler's Super-Earths and Sub-Neptunes: Insights from Thermal Evolution and Photo-evaporation
09/17/2013 -- -- -- Planetary Science 50th Year Celebrations --
09/24/2013 Dr. Sloane Wiktorowicz UCSC Direct Detection of Spatially Unresolved Exoplanets with Polarimetry
10/01/2013 Dr. Preeti Rao Caltech Analysis of carbon and nitrogen along Boston's urbanization gradient using field, remotely sensed and socioeconomic data
10/08/2013 -- -- -- DPS Conference --
10/14/2013 Prof. Darrell F. Strobel Johns Hopkins University Pluto's Atmosphere: Escape and the Relationship to its Density and Thermal Structure

- Note date change - Monday. Note location change - Salvatori room.

10/22/2013 Prof. Andrew Ingersoll Caltech Volatiles on the Moon and Mercury
10/29/2013 Dr. Vlada Stamenkovic MIT The Distribution of Plate Tectonics Planets in The Galaxy
11/05/2013 Jennifer Fernando University Paris-Sud at Orsay CRISM mapping of surface photometric parameters for the physical characterization of surface materials from orbit.
11/12/2013 Dr. Mark R. Swain JPL What Hubble spectroscopy is teaching us about exoplanets atmospheres and why we need a dedicated mission.
11/19/2013 Prof. Kelvin Richards University of Hawaii Influences on El Nino: the importance of ocean mixing
11/26/2013 Dr. Murat Aydin UC Irvine Carbonyl sulfide hydrolysis in Antarctic ice cores and an atmospheric history for the last 8,000 years
12/03/2013 Matteo Brogi Leiden Observatory Exoplanet atmospheres at high spectral resolution
12/10/2013 -- -- -- AGU Conference --
12/17/2013 -- -- -- Winter Vacation --
12/24/2013 -- -- -- Christmas Celebrations --
12/31/2013 -- -- -- New Years Celebrations --

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