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Date Speaker(s) Affiliation(s) Title(s)*
01/03/2012 Dr. Charles E. Miller JPL The Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment (CARVE): Results from 2011 Engineering Test Flights
01/10/2012 Dr. Everetts C. Salas JPL Probing deep: studying intraterrestrials to understand extraterrestrials.
01/17/2012 YLY Group Caltech AGU Highlights
01/24/2012 Dr. Thomas H. Painter JPL Response of Colorado River runoff to dust radiative forcing in mountain snow
01/31/2012 Dr. Yuxuan Wang Tsinghua University, Beijing, China Understanding China's air pollution through species correlations
02/02/2012 Prof. Roger V. Yelle University of Arizona Thermal Structure of Titan's Middle and Upper Atmosphere

- 2nd seminar of this week - Venue changed

02/07/2012 Dr. Heidar Th. Thrastarson JPL General Circulation Modeling of Close-in Extrasolar Planets
02/14/2012 Dr. Kentaro Suzuki JPL Cloud microphysics and its interaction with aerosols: modeling and satellite observations
02/21/2012 Dr. Kyle R. Stewart JPL Orbiting Cool Halo Gas: Observing the End of Cold Mode Gas Accretion onto Galaxies
02/28/2012 YLY Group Caltech YLY Group Discussion
03/06/2012 Dr. Wei-Ting Anne Chen JPL Clouds and Moisture Associated with MJO: Characterization Using the YOTC CloudSat-Centric, Collocated A-Train and ECMWF Data Set
03/13/2012 Dr. Clare Wong JPL Daytime Nitrous Acid (HONO) Chemistry in the Urban Boundary Layer
03/20/2012 Dr. Elisabeth Moyer University of Chicago The isotopic composition of atmospheric water vapor as a tracer of convection and cirrus formation

- Afternoon seminar - 2:30 pm

03/27/2012 Dr. Hsin-Hung Ou Caltech Artificial photosynthesis of C1 to C3 hydrocarbons from water and CO2 on sub-stoichiometric sodium trititanate nanotubes, NaxH2-xTi3O7, functionalized with elemental copper and CdS quantum dots
04/03/2012 Dr. Edwin Mierkiewicz University of Wisconsin Earth's Hydrogen Corona
04/10/2012 Adam Waszczak Caltech The origin of Martian volatiles as late-accreting primitive materials: A model for hydrogen and nitrogen isotopes
04/17/2012 Dr. Ching-Hui Liao National Taiwan University A challenging approach for renewable energy market development
04/24/2012 - - - - - - - - - -

- No seminar this week

05/01/2012 Dr. Yan Qu Caltech Photo-induced Hydrated Electrons (eaq-) Reductive Degradation of Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)
05/08/2012 Dr. Andreas Zuend Caltech Gas-aerosol partitioning of semivolatile organic compounds in the atmosphere: the importance of vapor pressure estimation and non-ideal thermodynamics
05/15/2012 - - - - - - - - - -

- No seminar this week

05/22/2012 Dr. Murthy Gudipati JPL How deep under the surface of Europa could organic matter survive?
05/29/2012 Dr. Claire Newman Ashima Research Investigating Titan's atmosphere-surface system using general circulation models
06/05/2012 Dr. Gilbert Brunet Environment Canada The importance of Vortex Rossby wave breaking and radiation for angular momentum transport in hurricanes
06/12/2012 Dr. Hartmut Aumann JPL Trends in Severe Storms from Nine Years of AIRS Data
06/19/2012 Dr. Amanda Hendrix JPL Cassini at Saturn and LRO at the Moon: UV Signatures of Water and Weathering Processes on Moons
06/26/2012 Dr. David Halpern JPL Sustained Satellite Missions for Climate Data Records
07/03/2012 - - - - - - - - - -

- No seminar this week

07/10/2012 Dr. Laurence Yeung UCLA Measurements of 18O18O and 17O18O in the atmosphere
07/17/2012 - - - - - - - - - -

- No seminar this week

07/23/2012 Dr. Gin-Rong Liu National Central University, Taiwan Predictions of Tropical Cyclone Formation and Rainfall Potential

- Note date change - Monday

07/31/2012 Dr. Ragu Murtugudde University of Maryland Big History: Earth, Life, and Sustainability
08/07/2012 Dr. Corey Jamieson JPL Grain size and temperature effects on the interpretation of remote-sensing spectra
08/14/2012 Qiong Zhang Caltech The Influence of Extreme Stratospheric Events on Northern Hemisphere Winter Weather
08/21/2012 Peter Gao Caltech Nonhydrostatic Structures in the Solar System and their Effects on Planetary Interior Models
08/28/2012 Danielle Piskorz, Ruixiong Zhang Caltech, Peking University Coronae Formation on Venus via Extension and Lithospheric Instability (Piskorz), Utilizing OMI NO2 Level 2 data (Zhang)

- Two 30 minute talks this week

09/04/2012 - - - - - - - - - -

- No seminar this week

09/11/2012 Dr. Armin Kleinboehl JPL Mars Climate Sounder: An overview on instrument, retrieval, and scientific results
09/12/2012 Dr. Jack Kaye NASA HQ NASA Earth Science Research in the Context of National Global Environmental Research Initiatives

- Second seminar of this week

09/18/2012 Dr. Avi Shporer Caltech Doing More with Photometry: Studying binary companions with photometric orbital modulations
09/25/2012 Dr. Junjun Liu Caltech Predictions of Thermal and Gravitational Signals of Jupiter's Deep Zonal Winds
10/02/2012 Dr. Rodrigo Caballero Stockholm University The transition to equatorial superrotation in warm Earth climates
10/09/2012 Joe O'Rourke, Xavier Levine Caltech (O'Rourke) Thermal and Chemical Evolution of Super-Venus Planets, (Levine) The influence of moist baroclinic waves on the termination of the Hadley circulation: an idealized GCM study.

- Two 30-minute talks this week

10/16/2012 - - - - - - - - - -

- No seminar this week - DPS conference

10/23/2012 Dr. Jay Pasachoff Williams College (Hopkins Observatory) and Caltech (GPS) Transits of Venus and Mercury: Exoplanet Analogs in Our Solar System
10/30/2012 Dr. Ashwin Vasavada JPL Curiosity: Initial Results from the First 80 Sols
10/31/2012 Dr. Robert Kopp Rutgers University Interpreting the Noisy Geological Record of Ancient Sea Level Changes

- Second seminar of this week

11/06/2012 Dr. Woody Fischer Caltech Coupled Behavior of Redox and Acid-Base Processes on Ancient Earth and Mars
11/13/2012 Bjoern Benneke MIT Characterization of Super-Earth Exoplanets Using Transmission Spectroscopy: Applications to GJ1214b
11/20/2012 - - - - - - - - - -

- No seminar this week

11/27/2012 Dr. Longtao Wu JIFRESSE/UCLA Aerosol Impacts on Cloud, Precipitation, and Moisture: Modeling and Analysis
12/04/2012 - - - - - - - - - -

- No seminar this week - AGU conference

12/11/2012 Dr. Kevin Baines JPL The Depths of Saturn: New Insights into the Dynamics and Chemistry of Saturn’s Tropospheric Meteorology revealed by Cassini/VIMS and RADAR Imagery and Spectra
12/18/2012 -- -- -- Christmas Vacation --
12/25/2012 -- -- -- Christmas Celebrations --

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