YLY Seminar

S Mudd

Last Modified: Jun 10 2019 (Monday) PDT 7:27 AM

Date Speaker(s) Affiliation(s) Title(s)*
01/02/2019 -- -- Cancelled
01/09/2019 Dr. Suniti Sanghavi JPL Polarimetric modeling of brown dwarf atmospheres
01/16/2019 Dr. Hyman Hartman MIT The Origin of Life -From Big Bang to the Genetic Code, From Fire to the Earth
01/23/2019 Dr. Lana Sinapayen Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Tokyo The Epsilon Network: Using predictive coding to measure complexity in multivariate time series
01/30/2019 Ms. Usha Lingappa Caltech Manganese and the evolution of photosynthesis
02/06/2019 Dr. Simon Lock Caltech Earth in the emergency room: Recovery after the Moon-forming giant impact
02/13/2019 Dr. Samuel Howell JPL Modeling Europa's ice shell: Salty tree rings and stubby tails
02/20/2019 Mona Delitsky California Specialty Engineering Venus: Chemistry in clouds and storms
02/27/2019 Dr. Scott Perl JPL Validation of Preserved Biological Processes within Evaporite Mineralogy: Implications for Extant and Extinct Life
03/06/2019 Dr. Simon Jones JPL Electrochemistry at JPL: Extreme Batteries, Oxygen on Mars and Potential Abiogenesis on Ocean Worlds
03/13/2019 Dr. Brendan Byrne JPL Towards evaluating Terrestrial Biosphere Models using atmospheric CO2 and solar induced fluorescence observations
03/20/2019 Miss. Xun Dong Toward building a space robot - Girls Do It!
03/22/2019 Dr.Clara Sousa-Silva MIT Finding an Alien Biosphere with Computational Chemistry
03/27/2019 Prof. Yunxia Huang NTU Substrates for Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering
04/03/2019 Prof. Dylan Jones University of Toronto Congo Basin precipitation: Assessing seasonality, regional interactions, and sources of moisture
04/10/2019 Dr. Lu Xu Caltech Towards understanding the sources and formation mechanisms of atmospheric organic aerosols
04/17/2019 Dr. Kristen Zuraski JPL A closer look at hydrogen bonds: Insight from the photodissociation dynamics and energetics of HCl-(H2O)3
04/24/2019 Dr. Mario Damiano JPL Two Lenses for Glasses: Low- and High-resolution Spectroscopic Observations of Exoplanetary Atmospheres
05/01/2019 Prof. Alex Kostinski Michigan Technological University (MTU) Ranking and Record-Breaking Statistics for Time Series Analysis
05/08/2019 Dr. Shaun Lovejoy McGill University Weather, Macroweather, Climate: reuniting Richardson's strands
05/15/2019 -- -- Cancelled
05/22/2019 Dr. Paul Palmer The University of Edinburgh Ozone chemistry on tidally locked M dwarf planets
05/29/2019 -- -- Cancelled
06/05/2019 Dr. Edith Fayolle JPL Molecular Processes on Icy Surfaces in the Interstellar Medium and the Outer Solar System
06/12/2019 Prof. Kunio Sayanagi Hampton University SNAP: Small Next-generation Atmospheric Probe
06/19/2019 Prof. Li Tao USTC Lower and middle/upper atmosphere coupling during El Niņo-Southern Oscillation
06/26/2019 Dr. Vijay Natraj JPL TBD
07/17/2019 Dr. Liu Zhu Caltech TBD
07/24/2019 Dr. Laurie Barge JPL TBD
08/07/2019 Dr. Linda Forster Caltech TBD
08/14/2019 Dr. Zhaoyi Shen Caltech TBD

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