Education & Courses

Caltech geology offers an undergraduate option and a PhD program for graduate students. We do not offer a separate Masters program, though some students obtain this degree as part of their pursuit of a PhD. (GPS Course Catalog)

At the undergraduate level, the geology option offers the opportunity to pursue a Caltech B.Sc. with a concentration of courses in geology and related fields. The curriculum includes a survey of the classical subfields of geology, including physical geology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, earth history, mineralogy, and petrology. It also includes extensive training in field techniques, including a three-week summer field course and a Spring break field geophysics course. The option leaves plenty of room for electives and advanced courses and most students pursue research during summers and occasionally during the academic year.

Undergraduate requirements: Geology option

At the graduate level, Caltech geology is one of the pre-eminent groups in the world with a wide range of research opportunities and advanced course work. All admissions are done through Caltech’s graduate office and their web page provides information on the admission process.

Graduate requirements: Geology option

The online catalog also provides information on the requirements for the undergraduate option and the graduate option. The part of these that are specific to geology are repeated below, but for complete information you need to consult the online catalog. (Geology Option Requirements and Geology Graduate Program).