Geobiology Photos


Johnnie Oolite   Warawonna Stromatolites 3.4 Ga
Giant Ooids of the Johnnie Formation   Banded Iron formation Hammersley Formation
Glacial dropstone formation Oman   Shark Bay Stromatolites
Shark Bay microbial mats   Ediacarn fossils Mistaken Point Newfoundland
Thrombolite-Stromatolite Reef, Nama Group   Candor Chasma, Mars. Strata exposed in the great Vallis Marineris (much deeper than the Grand Canyon) include folded Ca- and Mg-sulfate deposits, which represent an early environmental record of Mars.
Stromatolites with chert laminations from the Late Archean   Late Archean banded iron formation from drill core taken
(ca. 2.55 Ga) Malmani carbonate plateform, South Africa   near Griquatown, South Africa
A Strelley Pool Formation stromatolites. These stromatolites,   Field Work: Measuring sectionsin the Edicaran-age Huqf
discovered by Abby Allwood (JPL), provide strong evidence for   Supergroup, along the coastline of the Sultanate of Oman.
the presence of early life on Earth, and are ~3.45 billion years old. They are located in the Pilbara craton of Western Australia.    
John Abelson takes a rest on a 2.55 billion-year-old giant   Grand Canyon. Strata exposed in these walls, first
stromatolite, Nothern Cape Province, South Africa   examined by John Wesley Powell, still constitute one
    of the most impressive records of the evolution
    of life on earth.