Poster/Map Printing in the GIS Lab

There is one large-format printer available for printing your large format posters and maps within the GPS Division. Please look over this the page thoroughly for instructions and guidelines.

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GIS Lab's HP Designjet Z6200 Printer

Location: 311 N. Mudd (GIS Lab)

  • Paper Width:  42" (36” Available upon specific request)
  • Paper Length: Virtually Unlimited (Note that some conferences have specific poster size limitations)
  • Paper Type:  Photofinish Satin, Bond
  • File Size Limit:  ~ 500MB (Please try to keep the file size below 250MB)
  • File Formats:  .eps and .pdf 
  • (Please choose 'Embed all fonts' when saving your file)

    Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm


  • Be sure to set up your page size correctly in your application before saving to pdf
  • Please do not use a solid dark background color for you poster. It consumes a large amount of ink and takes a long time to dry.
  • Be sure to save/print-to-file as a pdf and eps/ps with embedded fonts.
  • You can either bring in your poster file on CD, DVD, USB memory device, or the file can be downloaded from your linux account or webpage. You may also upload it to (login anonymously). Please be sure to put your name in the filename.
  • We do not recommend the use of PowerPoint for creating your posters. If you are using PowerPoint, make sure that your poster size is set up correctly and allow 1/2" for margins. PowerPoint often can cause problems with color matching, fonts, and poster layout. If you choose to use PowerPoint, please do so at your own risk. There is an increased chance that there will be problems printing your file and you may have to print multiple copies at your expense.
  • We recommend using Adobe Illustrator or Canvas to create your poster.
  • Cost:

    Paper Cost:
    • 42" Photofinish Satin paper - $14/ linear foot
    • 42" Bond paper - $12/ linear foot
    • 36" Photofinish Satin paper - $12/ linear foot
    • 36" Bond paper - $10/ linear foot

    Processing Cost: $50/ hr (billed incrementally)
    Average Poster Cost: $70 - $120

    *** Reprints due to customer/user error will incur an extra cost.
    Be sure the file looks ok before it is printed! Embed those fonts!


  • Printing costs are charged to Caltech POETA accounts. Please see your advisor or their administrative assistant for the correct account information.
  • Please have your advisor's administrative assistant email the GPS poeta account number to the GIS Lab before the time of your appointment.
  • Please note that the GIS Lab reserves the right to only print for members of GPS


  • Printing to the GIS Lab's HP 6200PS requires an appointment. Email the GIS Lab to set up an appointment.
  • Posters generally take about 30 miniutes to print and about 30 minutes to dry.
  • At least a days notice is required - especially near conferences.