NOTE: The information below is geared towards faculty, graduate students, postdocs, and staff who will be making use of the GIS Lab for research purposes.

Students enrolled in classes making use of the GIS Lab are NOT expected to pay Lab fees. These fees are covered by the GPS division and should not be a deterrent to taking the class.


Lab Membership Types 

Remote Users:

Remote User membership is ideal for those who will only be using the basic functions of ArcMap and would like to run it from their personal machine.

Light Users:

Light User membership is ideal for those who have their own equipment that can access the networked license server, but sometimes need to come into the lab for other reasons. This option is also good for the professors that want to include GIS in a project for their class, but do not necessarily want to make it the main focus.

Regular Users:

Regular User membership is ideal for those who are working on a short or long term project and for those who already own another computer system that is not supported with the GIS software (i.e. Macintosh).  There are a few professors that use the GIS Lab for the weekly labs. The time is reserved and the students generally spend 3-8 hours per week in the GIS Lab.


Lab Membership Privileges 



GIS Lab Use

Priority Lab Use

Unlimited Remote Use

Hard Drive Space

Remote User

Email us!



0 MB

Light User ( <10 Hrs/Qtr.)

Email us!


500 MB

Regular User ( >10 Hrs/Qtr.)

Email us!

1 GB

Lab Fee Summary 

Lab Membership Fees*


Remote User

Email us!

Light User

Email us!

Regular User

Email us!

Extra Hard Drive Space**


Software Licenses


ArcInfo Standalone License


Additional Help


Project Preparation


Individual Instruction

$50/hr, 15min increments

Software Installation/Troubleshooting

$50/hr, 15min increments

GIS Workshop Tutorial

$35/per person

CD/DVD Burner Use

$1/disc + time

All fees must be charged to Caltech/JPL POETA account numbers.

*No double billing! The GIS Lab Membership Fee can be divided if a student is using the lab for both research and class use. This includes teaching assistants.

**Users will be notified at least a week in advance of hard drive space checks to give them time to clean up or move their data. In general, these checks will occur midway through the quarter. Space is rounded up to the next gigabyte.