Ge/Ay 133: The Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems

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Profs: Geoff Blakethe solar system
         165A S. Mudd

TA: Joshua Kammer
         158 S. Mudd

Office hours: M/W 4-5 p.m., 158 South Mudd
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Class hours: MWF 10-11 am
Class location: 176 S. Mudd

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The main textbook for the course, Astrophysics of Planet Formation, by Phil Armitage, does a very good job of covering the essential aspects of disk evolution and the various stages of planet formation. But, it does not deal with all of the aspects of planet formation that we will be considering, and so additional reading will often be assigned. Central papers are listed below in italics, and we'll often include additional items of interest you can take or leave as you see fit. I have also just discovered the nice book entitled Exoplanets, edited by Sara Seager, which has very nice tutorial chapters on all the major methods of exoplanet detection. I have the one copy from the GPS library and will look into getting an extra copy or two for the class. Geoff's travel schedule for Oct/Nov is not yet set, and there will certainly be NSF-related trips upcoming. Thus, the schedule below is iffy after the first couple of weeks of class. Stay tuned.