Ge 11a/101

Introduction to Geology and Geochemistry

Earth as a Planet

    Instructor: Brian Wernicke (, 317 NM)    
    Teaching Assistants: Sarah Zeichner (, NM100B); Leah Sabbeth (, 303NM)
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Lectures: 2pm MWF in 251 ARMS Class Lecture 2 (pptx)
Labs: 11-2 Monday in 267 ARMS Class Lecture 3 (pptx)
Field trip: 11/16-11/17 Class Lecture 4 (pptx)
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Class Lecture 6 (pptx)
Class Lecture 8&9 (pptx)
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  Class Lecture 11 (pptx)
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    Usful links:    
    Mineral Identification Key    
    Classification of Magmatic Rocks    
    How to Read a Ternary Diagram    
    Mapping Basics    
    How to Read a Topo Map    
    Find topographic maps for the US:    
    Find geologic maps:    
    GK Gilbert's "Report on the Geology of the Henry Mountains", 1877    
    Tanya Atwater's plate tectonics animations    
    Plate boundaries for Google Earth:    
    Emag2 global magnetic model:    
    Analog models of extension:    
    Analog model of thrust wedge:    
    Global plate reconstruction:    
    Global spreading rates:    
    Dan McKenzie and other talking about the early days of plate tectonics:    
    Besse Pangea breakup movie