Outline Ge 114, Introductory Mineralogy

Books:     Text:           Klein and Hurlbut,  Manual of Mineralogy, 21st edition
                Reference:  Bloss,  Crystallography and Crystal Chemistry
                Optical:      Nesse,  Introduction to Optical Mineralogy, 2d edition

Instructor: George Rossman 
A lecture and laboratory course offered with two laboratory options:
 a) 9 units with a mineral hand specimen laboratory which gives the student familiarity with the common minerals.
 b) 12 units with additional laboratory work on optical microscopy of minerals.  The 12 unit option is designed for geology and geochemistry majors who will need to learn how to use the petrographic microscope.

Additional information for students in the class is available here.


Composition of the Earth
Abundance of the elements
Ways of expressing mineral analyses
    hexagonal close packing, minor and trace components
    cubic close packing, inverse and normal spinels
Crystal-field stabilization
Iron oxides
    defect spinel, magnetism, polymorphs, pseudomorphs
    coordination polydedra, coordination number, piezoelectricity, Pauling's rules
Manganese oxides
    polymorphs, electron microscopy
    solid solutions, end member names, geological environments, technological garnets
Olivine series
    chemistry, solid solution, structure, phase diagram for melting, ordering, geological environments
Crystal systems
    symmetry,  Miller indices, crystal faces, morphology, unit cell
    nomenclature, phase diagrams class notes, structural origin of polymorphs, incongruent melting, jadeite
    chemistry and structure, site distributions, cleavage properties, biopyrobles
Sheet silicates
    7, 10, and 12 Å layer silicates, micas, polytypes, serpentine, asbestos
    reconstructive transformation, colored varieties, opal, high pressure polymorphs
    chemistry, exsolution phenomena
High Pressure Minerals
    methods to generate high pressure, high pressure polymorphs, six-coordinated silicon, perovskite phases, diamond
Other topics
    color, biominerals, metamict minerals