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The field component of the 2016-2017 Ge 111 course will take place during the spring break of 2017.

At this time, we are planning to head to the Dragon's Back on the Carrizo Plain, where the San Andreas is spectacularly prominent.

In the field, we will be running simultaneously seismic, resistivity, GPR, magnetic and gravity surveys. This will necessitate dividing the class into field crews for each day's work. Field crews will be assigned in advance, to ensure that each student rotates through all the experiments during the days in the field. The field crews will also attempt to mix students so that they all have a chance to work with each other and with each of the instructors.

The data we acquire will be communal and will be analyzed by the entire class. You are expected to keep clear notes for each experiment you participate in so that students not present for that particular experiment can understand and have all relevant and required information for interpretation.

You will be individually responsible for submitting a written report, of which the interpretation part and discussion of the scientific problem must be your own work. We expect the individual portion of your report will be ~6 pages in length. You will be required to write a draft version of the geologic/tectonic overview of the area and the scientific problems being addressed before going to the field. The Ge111b final report will be written during the Spring term.