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Final Report is due typically 6 weeks after the field trip, no exceptions.
This year the report is due May 30, 2019. Hand it in to Rob Clayton's mailbox on the 2nd floor of South Mudd and send an electronic (pdf) version to him by email (clay [@] gps.caltech.edu).

Your final report needs to look professional. This is one of the only courses where you can practice making something resembling a proper journal article submission. Overall presentation, figures, spelling, etc *will* be a part of your final grade.

If you haven't ever used LATEX, this could be a good opportunity to practice (though Microsoft Word works just fine too). A template can be downloaded here, and the LATEX compiler is on all of the GPS Linux machines. If terminal editing isn't your thing, there are plenty of Desktop programs for editing LATEX documents, and a web interface at: Overleaf, for which Caltech provides an institutional account.

As stated in the syllabus, please use double or 1.5 line spacing in 11 or 12 pt font with 1-inch margins. Please use page numbers. The text in the reports should be no more than 12 pages long; this count does not include figures, figure captions, and references (which should, of course, be part of your report). With figures, you should aim around 15 pages long. We do not want an undigested collection of figures that are not discussed in the text. Each figure should be publication quality (legends, tick marks, scale bars, etc.) and have a purpose.

The report should consist of three parts:

1) A background and motivation section describing the geologic and tectonic setting of the area.

2) A brief description of each of the five four geophysical methods (gravity, magnetics, GPR, resistivity, and seismics) that were used in the field. This description should discuss the physical quantitites that are measured, the field procedures, the analysis methods, and the type and scale of rock properties to which the method is sensitive. This section should be about 1/2 page per method.

3) The primary part of your writeup consisting of the analysis and synthesis of the data recorded during the field camp. Please integrate your results into a set of conclusions about the area and relate these conclusions back to your introductory section. Include a graphical model/interpretation of your results.