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Ge 111ab:
2020 Applied Geophysics Seminar and Field Course

Last updated 01/12/20

Photo Credit: Rob and Mark

Course Description

An introduction to the theory and application of basic geophysical field techniques consisting of a comprehensive survey of a particular field area using a variety of methods (e.g., gravity, magnetic, electrical, GPS, seismic studies, and satellite remote sensing). The course will consist of a seminar (Ge 111a) held in the winter quarter in which we will discuss the scientific background for the chosen field area, along with the theoretical basis and implementation of the various measurement techniques. The field course (Ge 111b) will take place during spring break, and the data analysis and data report writing will take place along with weekly class meetings during spring term.

Units: 3-3-0 (winter), 0-3-6 (spring term, including field trip). The seminar is graded, with auditing not permitted; The field course must be taken for a grade and the seminar is required for participation in the field component.

Prerequisites: Consent of Instructor(s)

Regular Class Time

Varies, see class schedule.


Robert W. Clayton, 352 South Mudd, clay@gps.caltech.edu, x6909
Mark Simons, 355 South Mudd, simons@caltech.edu, x6984

Teaching Assistants

111a Ethan Williams, 358 South Mudd, efwillia@gps.caltech.edu

111b Vasilije Dobrosavljevic, 361 South Mudd, vasilije@gps.caltech.edu

Office Hours

By appointment or drop-in directly

GIS lab

309 North Mudd, x6107
Lisa Christiansen, lisac@gps.caltech.edu